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Getting your head around Customs, Imports and exports

Customs declarations are a critical part of moving goods across international borders. They facilitate trade and allow authorities to assess risk, calculate tax and control standards. Accurate and timely submission of declarations keeps goods flowing and prevents costly delays and penalties. Since Brexit the customs rules and requirements on goods moving between the UK and EU have changed. And it can get complicated quickly.

We have experienced customs agents, who work with our advisory, trade, tax experts - so that, whether you import, export or both, you can keep your goods moving across the UK EU border.

Our highly-trained customs agents can run your customs declarations process for you, ensuring your goods continue to move across borders. We can support your organisation with:

  • Completing your customs declarations for imports and exports, and submitting the declarations to HMRC

  • Capability to provide brokerage to move goods between GB and NI

  • Setting up processes for new products including providing product classification codes

  • Indirect Representation - processing any, or all of, your customs declarations

  • Providing access to Duty Deferment Account (DDA) facilities if needed

  • Enabling Post VAT Accounting (PVA), enhancing cash flow, and reducing deferment/guarantee fees

  • Providing comprehensive management information and reporting on declarations processed

  • Providing access to a network of experienced customs and tax if advice is needed on complex scenarios.

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